Ground-robot interaction


At Institute of Geomechanics and Underground Technology (GUT) we are creating one, if not the most, advanced ground-robot interaction lab in the World. We have two large pits, 6m x 4m x 2.5m and 3m diameter 6m deep, where realistic, yet controlled, experiments can be carried out.

As one of the few groups Worldwide working on the integration of robotics with the ground, we focus on three main areas:

(Fuentes et al., 2017; Holmes et al., 2019; Luo et al., 2018; Peel et al., 2018)

  DEM model of burrowing robot – ground interaction Copyright: © GUT RWTH DEM model of burrowing robot – ground interaction
  • Burrowing robots

Our research focusses on developing the framework that allows the development of state-of-the-art burrowing robots that operate in harmony with the surrounding ground.

  Robots walking on the ground Copyright: © GUT RWTH Unitree A1 robot available in the lab

  • Robots walking on the ground (unstable)

One of mobile robots’, whether legged, tracked or something else, main challenges remains moving in unstable / deformable real soil and rock. We want to bridge this gap.